To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 11

Awesome, awesome, awesome,  so awesome.

Please hold on a sec while I try to take in what happened. And now for a nice breath out…

Well I all ready read the manga, so in actuality I knew exactly what was going to happen. BUT STILL – I was overwhelmed by  emotion. This is what all anime should be like! Well… perhaps not…

The bit where Misaka makes the connection with Harumi, I had all ways imagined the connection to only take place over a split second, I THINK IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IF THEY HAD DONE IT THAT WAY. The scene where the lolis got mind F***ed was handled really well though, especially since there was good buildup to it.

So like a huge fetus pops out of the minds of the inked minds of the unconscious espers… is there a deeper meaning here? Is this supposed to be an analogy for abortion? new life? In any case that that’s the creepiest thing I have seen in like a month.


2 Responses to “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 11”

  1. This was my favorite episode so far. I would have written a post myself, but you pretty much summed it up :).

  2. I must say I have been truly entertained while reading your blogs.
    You pretty muched summed this up for me too =]

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