Ubunchu – Chapter 3

There is a manga out there for everything it seems.

Ubunchu. It’s a manga themed on the computer club’s experiences with with the linux distribution Ubuntu. It’s awesome, and chapter 3 just got translated. Get the chapters here!

So yea. In this chapter they have problems with X-server and they have to go get help from the superior nerds. Super l33t linux pro, Akane does not want to ask for help because she suffered a “traumatic event” on the interwebs.

Actually, this is my favorite one so far. cowering, cute Akane. The somewhat heartwarming thing that Masato did. And of course everyone getting angry at the computer. Anyway, I enjoyed it.

It kinda reminds me of my first ventures of trying to get help of forums – I was new to Linux and I had not grasped the concept of dependencies at all. I went to a forum to get help and (skipping details) the end result had a negative effect towards getting help like that.

If I need help these days I just go onto IRC. I like being able to talk to people in closer-to-real-time. Now I just really need to get out there and figure out how to properly file bugs… eventually…


6 Responses to “Ubunchu – Chapter 3”

  1. Aha! It’s finally out. I was worried for a moment if the author got bored of the project or something 😛

    Uh, X-server troubles are painful. I remember my own first days using linux was spent hacking away at xorg conf because I wanted compositing (those were the days of beryl where they don’t usually package big desktop effects out the box). Was completely clueless and relied exclusively on Google + instincts and managed to wreck the whole thing once, but I managed to get it working in the end ^^ Somehow I was too hikkikomori to go and ask for help -_-

    Just curious though, what distro do you run?

    • I am trying to switch from ubuntu (modified to the point of hardly even resembling ubuntu because I don’t like KDE, Gnome, or Xfce each for their own reasons) to #! (crunchbang).

      Crunchbang is ubuntu based anyway, but it fits a lot more with what I like anyway. So I do a lot less changing.

      I got 2 on #!, 1 on xubuntu – openboxified, and 1 that has arch-ppc on it that currently won’t boot up…

      • Oh, and way back when – I couldn’t even figure out how to compile beryl. I didn’t know I didn’t need to, but thats what I tried to do.

        The first linux distro I used was Xandros. Never again will I install that useless junk.

      • #! and openbox look cool. I’m not that into minimalistic though, and I guess that’s why I’m on KDE. KDE also put paid to my old gnome-days tendency to modify and customize everything. I dunno, everything looks so shiny and pretty that I’m actually reluctant to change it 😛 And all the default settings are pretty smart too once you get around to it.

  2. chuck grant Says:

    If America were like this—–

    Oh Crap It Already is!
    (Well, not really, but hell of a joke eh?)

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