Sasameki Koto – 09

Close your window, BEFORE you have an estrogenic meltdown.

There was this short scene where Sumika and Ushio were communicating nonverbally, so I had a nifty idea to try to respond in a similar manner. Unfortunately, I am lazy. And school gets in the way. Oh well. And it would have been sooo funny. Too bad… Actually, I tried nonverbal communication with a friend in math class. It failed.

Oh, the various fantasies Azusa has, but they don’t hold a candle to Hosaka’s (Minami-ke: one of my fave anime) fantasies.

Oh yea, I think that slight smile Azusa had when she got all depressed when Sumika forgets about the doujinshi was killer.

I wonder why I am still watching this, the pace is too freaking slow… of course – because of this it’s a good anime to watch when I am sleepy late at night – because I won’t miss anything as only two or three things seem to happen each episode. Of course, there are some problems with trying to remember stuff past midnight…


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