To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 10

That scientist person seriously needs to get some sleep methinks.

Look at those bags under her eyes! That’s worse than me after a particularly unforgiving week of school! I don’t think that you should try to do really diabolical things when you are in such a state, get yourself some nyquil!

(In a completely urelated note, FIRST SNOWFAll OF THE YEAR!!!, yay!)

What exactly is Saten’s power? It shows her making the leaves float and spin some leaves. LOLWUT?

Oh, and they used nice computer analogies. How they explained all the humans/computers linking up together to help each other out. It reminds me of a beowolf cluster which I had considered trying to make a while back, but I found out that it really does not make each computer more powerful but instead allows a master node to carry out complex calculations and stuff. Totally not what I needed.

Speak of the devil, I have this app on my computer that allows me to donate idle processing power for a good cause. Too bad I don’t use it…

Also the analogy with the different operating systems having same protocols was nice too – that’s what I think in any case.

I like that phone that Kuroko has, and I would totally kill for that phone. That, or the phone from Eden of the East would be kinda nice too… although I would really rather not have to follow the “phone charging plan” that that phone comes with.

On another note, don’t you think judgement is a bit understaffed? I feel really bad that the only one who can do searches on the database is Uiharu…

Yay, close to the end of arc! I hope we get to see some crazy Railgun action before it’s all over! – yea, I know we will, I have read the manga.


2 Responses to “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 10”

  1. \o/ Snowfall! Too bad we don’t have none of that where I live =(

    Yeah, it was an interesting analogy. So esper abilities are explained as a kind of computational process that happens in the mind, with a manifestation ‘level’ proportional to the efficiency of the mind in carrying out that computation. Having a high-level telepathic ability then permits the possibility of distributing that computation to various idle minds in the ‘network’, so that what a single mind cannot compute efficiently can be computed in parallel. Great, suitably scientific idea I think, and I’m damn curious now what sleepy strip-woman intends to do with the setup. Hope that one doesn’t disappoint.

    Saten’s power looked kind of cool despite a lack of explanation, but poor girl. If that’s all she could do with a distributed mind-cluster at her disposal, her native ‘processing power’ must still be a long way before she could manifest any notable ability. But enough computer metaphors.

    By the way, might your app be IBM’s World Community Grid? 😛

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