To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 09

This is how ALL building demolitions should be done.

It is like using paper to cut diamonds… Before Railgun I had all ways thought that teleportation was a really awesome power to have, but I have never seen it take out a building! A building! ~ Well, OK. I had all ready known that this would happen because I had read the manga, but it was still quite awesome.

I think an even more amazing power to have would be the ability to manipulate light. – Not that matters at all anyway…

Really good battle scene, but I think that the bad guy made a common mistake. When the other person is busy giving a speech or busy trying to figure out what kind of power you have – kill them intermediately. Or carry around a gun!

Anyway – so now Saten is a druggie. And Judgement found out that the Level Upper is actually a song. And Saten is now going to infect her friends with the evil powers of bad music. AND I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING TO WRITE. (as per usual)


3 Responses to “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 09”

  1. Man you spoil so much (I’ve already read the manga too though). Kuroko is way overpowered, she has the ultimate dodge and attack. I don’t know where they get there level based system from, but I’m pretty sure she could take down Misaka in a fight if she was really fight. That’s nothing against Misaka, it’s just that Kuroko is overpowered (Hence my poll XP). Nice post but I don’t think I want Kuroko to be my demolitions expert.

    • Well, she has to be concentrating in order to do the teleporting thing, so if you are good at mind games you should be able to beat her. Well, if she does not kill you within the first few seconds… ok yea, you are basicly screwed anyway…

      Anyway, as totally cheap as she is, I still think that she deserves lv.4 because lv.5 means something on the level of god.

      Think of ACCELERATOR for example, you could drop a nuke on him in his sleep (before “that incident”) and he would sleep right through it. THAT IS BULL, my friend.

      Then again, now that I think about it… Kuroko could kill accelerator really easily. WOAH!

  2. You can’t reflect a teleported vector. She just replaces his heart with a stone and boom he’s dead. I’m wondering why Misaka didn’t just ask Kuroko to kill him.

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