Sasameki Koto – 07

Yay, moar trap!

And that sister has various issues, like borderline incestuous tendencies and the fact that she is so controlling of her brother and his… errrr… sense of manliness.

The brother is not any better, he lets her get away with it just because someone told him that siblings grow farther apart as time goes on (which is total bull, and I would not be surprised of later we are told that the sister is the one who told him that)

I am glad that me and my sister are not weird like that, we only do normal stuff like watch anime and read manga together and normal stuff like play video games and chat to each other on facebook even though we are sitting right next to each other. Not weird at all.

Really, all and all. There is no anime that is really breaking my expectations. The last one to do that for me was Bakemonogatari, and before that Eden of the East. I think that if I had not read the Railgun manga I would be enjoying it a lot more than I am now. It is kinda hard to watch the stupid “Go on a date” thing in any anime for me because I have seen it done before – it’s nothing really new.

I think the last time I have seen this was in that “Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu” anime, which sounds like a while ago, but was only about a month ago for me.

Watching the same old events in different animes annoys me.



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