Seitokai no Ichizon – 07

Oh dear, my packing technique is all too similar to Mafuyu’s.

Really, really funny. But really, so many jokes  I feel like I could watch it 5 times and still pick up things I missed. And I think this episode had less than usual. -_-

Anyway, today was a slightly Mafuyu centric episode, not not really noticeably so. That one joke where Mafuyu described her weakness was great but when she went back to telling how she is the character that you have go back and beat the game with as an added challenge it really made me feel bad about not tackling the last bits of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja.

But if I had I would have spent another week up in my room doing little else, and afterwards I would only feel like I lost at life. Man, now I just really want to share my thoughts about these games, but whatever.

As for a train that you sleep on, I have never done that. But it is on my list of things I would like to do eventually. -_- Trust me, it’s a REALLY weird list.

Another good scene is when everyone put money together to get the can of soda (it looks like soda to me in any case, the Japanese seem to have some really wild vending machines – it could have been anything…) and they all share it. When they were passing it from person to I kept on thinking it was going to run out before it got to Ken, but I was oh so wrong – It just shows how unrealistic things happen in anime, if it were real life I woulda been a turdfag and drank it all.


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