Sasameki Koto – 06

This show still really needs moar trap.

Heh heh, clumsiness. That scene with the banana was funny, but really I wonder where that banana thing actually came from? That gag is probably older than time itself.

I searched google and someone else wrote this (here):

The “slipping on banana peels” myth dates back to the turn of the century, when bananas were becoming popular as a snack for the working class. Once the bananas were eaten, the peels were just discarded on the street. In cities, this was a huge problem, since there was no sanitation service in working-class cities, and the peels only added to a festering mass of refuse, compost, and horse manure.

The peels were no worse than the rest of the filth, but they were bright yellow and easy to spot, so they quickly became synonimous with garbage. Several magazines, such as Harper’s Weekly, warned that “whosoever throws banana skins on the sidewalk does a great unkindness to the public, and is quite likely to be responsible for a broken limb.” The Sunday School Advocate told the story of a man who slipped on a peel and broke his leg, which had to be amputated, leaving him unable to work, until his family ended up in the poorhouse. “All this sorrow was caused by the bit of banana peel which Miss Sweet-tooth dropped on the sidewalk.”

Wow that makes sense… I learned something new today.

In other news, nothing much really happened in the anime. Librarian girl wants to be friends with Ushio. Ushio stayed over at Sumika’s house. Sumika KO’s some freakinghuge guy in the shortest fight scene possible. Various other things happen. And Ushio decides to fall in love with library girl. Oh and by the way, Sumika’s brothers all remind me of Ash Ketchum.


One Response to “Sasameki Koto – 06”

  1. They did the banana peel slipping thing on myth busters too. The exterior is rubbery and will grip to your foot while the inside is oily and slips easier. It’s like the perfect storm for slipping on. That’s what myth busters concluded anyways.

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