Anime I am watching this season.

Snap, I should be doin some work, but instead I am writing pointless stuff. Yay.

This season(fall o9) I am watching… (don’t eat me, people who can spell…)

A Certain scientific Railgun

Railgun: I like this one because of the action and funny-ness.


kampfer: (ignore the complete lack of spelling skill here) This is my WTF anime of the season.

Sasameki Koto

sasakoto: kinda boring actually, i really dunno why I am watching

Seitokai no Ichizon

ichizon: funny as hell, fourth wall got broken, and the anime became self aware in like 10 seconds. yesh

and yea, that’s about it – I am passively watching Evangilon, but not really because of school.

If you are looking for rhyme or reason in my selection of anime good luck, if you figure out the type of anime i like please tell me


2 Responses to “Anime I am watching this season.”

  1. You should try.. Letter bee. Darker than black season 2, fairy tail? there’s a lot more you can watch :3

    • Well, there IS school – and for every season except for summer I have to limit myself or bad things happen IRL

      out of that list, i have seen Darker than Black season 1 and I have really no interest in s2. -_-

      Might try letter bee once i finish Evangilon.

      or I could finally finish Maria Holic somday…

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